Impact of COVID-19 on human resources for health and policy response

Presentation and discussion of the results of the report "Impact of COVID-19 on human resources for health and policy response: the case of Plurinational State of Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru: an overview of findings from five Latin American countries"

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  • february 7,  2022
  • 09 AM EST
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Health workers represent one of the main pillars of resilient health systems and have been fundamental in the response to COVID-19. The pandemic, in addition to highlighting the shortage of health workers, has revealed the importance of adequate information systems, and the need to promote measures to protect health workers and to encourage and ensure decent work.

This study offers a systematization of the policies and strategies adopted by the participating countries to face the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic on HRH. The information and lessons learned to contribute to provide evidence and align policy priorities and objectives around the protection and care of the health workforce of the entire region and highlight the need to improve investment in HRH as a priority strategy to strengthen the resilience of health systems, ensuring continuity, optimal functioning, access, and adequate coverage to the whole population

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